Making is thinking.

At WOAU! we believe that good design is not just beautiful, but it is also grounded in a strong conceptual core. To achieve this we follow our method ‘Making is Thinking’. Deriving from the clients brief, we start creating and remixing the context, by in-depth research of the actual content. We think, reshape, refine throughout the actual Making. WOAU! designs visual answers to your questions, always with a solid conceptual core and free-spirited use of media and technology. And yes, we love some fresh colours from time to time...

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Brand Identity

From restaurants, hotels, juice bars, coffee-brands, corporate or governmental organizations, and ‘one-woman armies’, we will start from scratch to build your timeless brand-identity; solid, authentic and fresh.

At WOAU! we believe that a good design is not just beautiful, but it is also grounded in a strong conceptual core. To achieve this we follow our method ‘Making is Thinking’. Deriving from the clients brief, we start creating and remixing the context, by in-depth research of the actual content. The process enhances the concept, sharpens it, and allows space for coincidence without losing sight of the main concept and the clients brief. In printed matter and in spatial matter questions will be solved, and experiences will be created. This results in deliverables that are surprising, tangible and focus on facilitating change in behaviour through design.


From publications to posters, from prints to fashion-collections; every surface that can handle communication-design we love. When we can work with Type, Colours and smell the paper or touch the fabric where our design is printed on we are in our element. Sometimes we eat the Pantone samples too, pathetic.

If you are looking for a ‘you ask – we run’ approach, WOAU! is not the agency you want. We think that incorporating the vision and mission of your organization should be an intrinsic part of the designs we create. So in a way, WOAU! acts a strategic partner that creates and facilitates the actual meaning and purpose of a specific campaign. We use our numerous antennas to determine a framework and the target-group. Implementing these from the start will generate a sharper outlined user-generated design brief, in order to ensure that your message will be received. Working from vision, mission and target-group adds value to the design, because it becomes a strategic tool. Creating awareness, behavior-change and facilitating experiences throughout design are the key elements of our strategic approach.


Developing and implementing Brand-Identities and printed matters into a spatial-experience; yes please! To actually feel and move through the buildingblocks of a Visual Identity in an architectural space, where we can combine the principles of wayfinding, signing, routing and semiotics, but also customer-journeys and flows of people in a space, hotel, exhibition, entrance, is a win-win situation.

Experiment is thé fundamental ingredient when WOAU! starts exploring possible solutions for a design. This derives from our approach ‘Making is Thinking’. Experimenting with visual and material differentiation is a process of play and generates medium independent and unexpected results. Every assignment starts with reinventing the task, and Ourselves. Through the combination of design, strategy and experiment we will make sure that your message will get all the attention it deserves.


Is your organization looking for a host for your event, a moderator for a tough debate, or interviewer a-la Eva Jinek?

WOAU! lecture and teach in a inspiring, unconventional way at different Universities and Art-Academies. We strongly believe in stimulating the positive aspects of a student-project, rather then emphasizing the possible negative elements in a non-constructive way. Students will have to challenge themselves to get a deeper understanding of the themes, topics we are dealing with. Concept development, strategic thinking and engaging in experiment are the focal points in our own approach. Key elements in WOAU! teaching are the implications of social design, developing experiences, thinking by making and last but not least: fun!


Working for big and small retailers is a blessing. Why? Because we can translate a 2-d brand-experience into a spatial environment, or a future vision in contemporary website.

Ahold Delhaize and Staay Foodgroup are one of these clients where we can work with our vision and together we are -raising the bar- in retail experiences.


Dress Fresh. That is our motto. And we don’t want to sound as bigheaded, but we knów our fashion and we know how to level-up your fashion brand, lifestyle product or fashion-identity.

Fashion is a communication tool, it reflects identity, communicates a vision, can divide or unite, and thát makes fashion for us such a powerful medium to work with.


Official Meme-Lord. Crowned in a fierce international battle (no joke) with eight meme-gladiators from Philly, France, LA, Amsterdam.

And our Creative Director won this battleground which the International Film Festival layered out. Memes and Internet-Culture are our dopamine. Dopamemes. Badum Tsk. Look for us on the socials to get the memes that you need and will brighten up your day.

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We work with brand-identities, spatial design and interaction-design and we are driven by creating powerful solutions that engage, challenge and motivate.

‘If it ain’t fresh, it stinks’.

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