Projects. JaguarMan / De Bezige Bij.

For Raoul de Jong, you know the masterful author and beautiful man, we were allowed to design his new book "Jaguarman", just out at De Bezige Bij Amsterdam. You may know Raoul de Jong from his columns for NRC, NRC Redactie, NRC NEXT and Het Parool. For Jaguarman he has been researching the history and literature of Suriname for almost seven years. Raoul de Jong; "Be a jaguarman. That is something you have to resolve every day. You are never forever a Jaguarman, you become it through your actions and the choices you make. You don't have to be brown or semi-Surinamese for that, but human. One person can change things. Stay alert, don't flow with the crowd and don't let things happen just because they happen. "For sale at Atheneum, Boekhandel v / h Van Gennep, Boekhandel Donner and online!